What entering awards did for me.

July 29, 2018 12:07 pm

Entering awards and competitions has always been seriously scary as fuck to me. I’m a naturally competitive person but I also have a hectic fear of abandonment, so the thought of potentially being rejected has always plagued my motivation to public speak, compete, enter awards, and put myself out there or make myself vulnerable in any way, shape or form.

(Too long to write, but its stemmed from a lifetime of bullying and bullshit that I do my utmost not to carry with me any more!! And this is so much more common than you realise – introverted extroverts do exist!)

So this year was basically just an epic year of wins in terms of competitions, awards, being invited to speak at events and seminars, and growing my little coaching business.

2018 was my ninth year of business, and a lot of business relationships (staff) came to an end, a nine year is numerologically about accepting your karmic debt. Funnily, it was a universal nine year too, so a lot of people went through the waves of this. In layman terms, paying back your karmic debt means copping the repercussions of past choices. So while on the surface it may have looked like an absolutely emotional rollercoaster to date, which it has been, the negatives have bought on more positives than I ever thought imaginable.

What negative situations do, is force me to pull the positives out of every situation – and that included reflecting on the years past and all that I’d achieved in my business life. And what I did with all that, was channel it into some epic training vids, awards entries (ridiculously detailed and scary awards entries) and just general put my gratitude jacket on and live in the moment. Something we all often forget to do.

So right now, in this moment, I wanna celebrate my official achievements from 2018, because I am damn proud of myself!
“2018 Young Entrepreneur of the Year” – I was a top 3 finalist of this award last year, and I came runner up to an incredible local entrepreneur. This is a major award at the Geelong Business Excellence Awards and is the largest business event in Geelong.
Huntress Hair Religion (my salon) won “Retail Business of the Year” at the Geelong Business Excellence awards, while both Summit and Huntress finalised multiple times as well.
The Geelong Small Business Awards, “2018 Geelongpreneur of the Year” SHUT THE FRONT DOOR I WON BOTH ENTREPRENEURIAL AWARDS IN MY TOWN! Did this just happen? Fuck yeah it did. Again, finalist last year.
Huntress also finalised a number of times at the small business awards, and little Summit, a first year entrant finalised four times too

None of this was just me, it was my team, my clients, my friends, supporters, and absolutely the people who tried to fuck my shit up – they just made me a million times stronger! ❤ Thanks for that.

(Hear my acceptance speech here – #HUMBLE – https://www.facebook.com/SummitSalonCoach/videos/1991689284477232/ )

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