May 13, 2022 10:54 am


Bottomless bubbles. Endless empowerment. Laughter & luminescence. Celebrating fierce women & upping the ante for newcomers.

About this event…
Welcome, to Woman In Front. A collective appreciation of women in business.

We invite you to come and celebrate with us as we highlight and high-five the baddest bunch of babes this side of the solar system.

Come with us, and revel in something that exists solely to celebrate women. Their businesses, stories, strengths and success – however that looks for them!

This platform is a collective constructed solely to elevate your business game, your understanding of other businesses and have you walking away feeling connection, inspiration, solidarity & even friendship.

Tears in your eyes, a fire in your belly. The WIF are here to shake shit up. For the wallflowers amongst us (you know who you are), this is an opportunity to be seen and heard. Step up, step out and lean into the discomfort that comes outside of your comfort zone.

Come solo, with a wing woman or book on a table of 8. This event is unlike any other business event and prior events have built a community stronger than steel. We have weathered loss, shared laughter and held each other’s hands through rough times.

Shoulder to shoulder; with a whole room of fierce females, delish petit morsels of nibbles, bubbly beverages and the most diverse, all-encompassing network of the most inspirational and multi-faceted women in business.

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