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The course for the Salon Owner with staff who is looking for a solid refresher!

WTF is the Salon Summit Series?

Let’s cut to the chase… you’re a busy salon owner, you want an overhaul without the commitment to coaching, well, this series is for you!

Here’s what you will get:

USB or online link containing all six ‘Salon Summit Series’
24 intensive training modules
An additional 15+ activities and worksheets

Whilst the training videos may appear short and sweet, we recommend allowing six hours for each of the six courses, to watch the training videos, take notes, work through the activities and templates and complete each course entirely. We also recommend completing our ‘Salon Summit Series’ in the order they are listed below to maximise their impact and benefit your business the most.

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This course will help you to understand your numbers and the actual costs of running a business, we will uncover your true break even, and teach you to price your services so that you actually profit!

The most common thing I hear is that we have no idea how we (the normal salon owner) should be pricing our services, and we usually just price the same or lower than all the salons around us, because it’s easier and less confusing than actually working out your pricing and what you need to charge out.

So, in our PRICING TO PROFIT course, this is going to be broken down and simplified for you, and you’ll also have these charts available for future price increases, adding staff, and whatever else the salon throws at you, it will automatically readjust and spit out all of your pricing for you! Perfect…

In this course:

Module One – Breaking Even – 17 Mins

Module Two – Proper Pricing – 23 Mins

Module Three – Profit Strategies – 25 Mins

Module Four – Charge! – 20 Mins

There are three activities in this course.


Let’s face it, we didn’t go into business to make friends, we don’t run a charity, we went into business to make people feel and look beautiful, and to make money, and nine out of ten salon owners, definitely don’t have as much money as they thought they would.

In MAKE ME MONEY, I will teach you how to make your business rain all the dollaz, and teach you and your team unforgettable sales skillllz to make sure all of your clients are buying products, buying additional services and spending more money with your business, without you having to increase your workload.

This isn’t just a “one-time-instant-money-maker”, this is a business lifestyle change, and something you will carry on that will help you to continue to grow and profit for the rest of your boss-lady or boss-man life.

In this Course:

Module One – Salezzz! – 27 Mins

Module Two – Mindset and Rebooking – 20 Mins

Module Three – Five Point Service Process – 41 Mins

Module Four – Accountability – 28 Mins

There are two activities in this course.


We all have targets, yeah? You don’t? You do? Do your team exceed them every week? Are your team making you money? Do you pay yourself at the end of the week? I know you pay your team…. they never go without no matter how good your week is. Do your team complain that their targets are totally unreachable, and they can’t do it? Yes?

Let me help you…

My employees, even some of my part timers, don’t go home with less than $1,000 a week in their bank account. Seriously. Two of my employees make me over $5,000 a week every single week, and we are actually in a regional town in Victoria.

My team well exceed their targets every week, even my apprentices and desk staff. Anything is possible, and I am going to show you how.

How do they do that? Well, they all follow what I taught you in “MAKE ME MONEY” religiously. Why? I incentivise them and reward them in ways that make sense to them, and with thing that they actually want.

Rewarding your team builds loyalty, and loyalty means long-term and amazing team members, and we all want that. So, I am going to teach you how to properly incentivise and encourage your team, to help you hit your goals, while they also hit theirs.

In this course:

Module One – The Summit Method – 13 Mins

Module Two – Creative Incentives – 17 Mins

Module Three – Facts Not Fluff – 15 Mins

Module Four – Everybody Wins! – 19 mins

There are four activities in this course.


Budgets, figures, numbers, tracking, sales, savings, bills, debt, money, super, cash flow, profit, tax, loan, moneyyy. How do those words make you feel?

I LOVE MONEY! I love having it, I love spending it, I love giving it, I love everything about it, and yes, I am one of those freaks who pays my bills on time and with a great deal of pleasure.

Why? Because I got over my fear of money, I got comfortable with my money, I stepped into my power and I realised that money isn’t a dirty word, money literally makes the world go around – you know it does.

Wanna know why I am cool paying my bills? Because there’s always money there to pay it. It’s budgeted in. I am prepared. I know what’s coming up, and what I have to pay, and its chilling there in my bank account waiting to be spent.

In FINANCIAL FREEDOM, I am going to teach you all the tools you’ll need to actually diminish your debt, save like a champ, and budget like a boss.

These are the steps that I use every day, week and month, that have allowed me to be able to pay cash for my brand new $190k salon in 2017, pay cash for my brand new $90k barbershop and be able to have everything I want and need. I don’t have bad debts.

So, let me teach you how to manage that money you’re making!

In this course:

Module One – Start the Journey – 19 Mins

Module Two – Living Your Best Life – 15 Mins

Module Three – The Magic of Margins – 47 Mins

Module Four – Cut the Crap – 13 mins

There is one activity in this course.


Systems, systems, systems! Where the f*** do you even start, right?

You wanna step back or get off the floor, and you want your team to stop asking you dumb-ass, pointless questions and just work it out!

You want them to be on board with your salons’ visions and goals, you want them to understand the core beliefs of your business, and you basically want them to be able to handle their shit when you aren’t there, because you don’t want to be married to your job any more.

There are so many absolutely vital reasons that you NEED a Salon Policy & Procedure Manual, Systems Manual, Guide Book, Operations Book, Bible (that’s what we call it), whatever your technical name for it is…

– Your team become less reliant on you

– You can step back and you can choose how often you work in your business

– Your team know how to do everything

– Your team fully understand their position and why they’re employed

– You won’t be hounded with stupid questions

– Adding new employees to your team is easy

– Getting rid of awful staff is simplified

– You will hire the right people

– You have a whole salon goal

– You feel empowered and confident to delegate tasks

….and the list goes on really!

So, let me teach you how to systemise your salon and create operations, policies, procedures and step-by-steps, and take the stress off of you.

As a sneaky bonus I will even give you some of my templates to help you design your own for your salon…

In this course:

Module One – Systems Simplified – 31 Mins

Module Two – Delegation – 14 Mins

Module Three – Work Life Balance – 13 Mins

Module Four – Mind and Body Health – 21 Mins

There are three templates in this course.


Let’s teach you how to be a f***ing legendary boss-lady or boss-man that will cultivate employee loyalty and have new staff banging down your door to work with you! You may think I am joking, I am not, this actually happens to me, and it’s how I’ve found my last four employees – word of mouth.

There are so many parts to this, so many contributing factors that make you an awesome boss or a terrible one. Things like the professional versus friendly relationships, or how to even set boundaries, expectations, team management, how and when to discipline, when you need to lead by example, creating an amazing salon vibe… all of the things that make me a great boss, and the things that will make you a great boss too.

And as an added bonus, I am going to give you my top ten tips of how to step off the floor, so you can manage the back end, delegate properly, and provide you options of how to build a better work/life balance for yourself.

In this course:

Module One – Are You a Shit Boss? – 17 Mins

Module Two – Leadership – 25 Mins

Module Three – Communicate like Royalty – 14 Mins

Module Four – Would you work for you? – 20 Mins

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