5X Coaching Sessions

September 3, 2021 6:20 pm

5X Coaching Sessions


So, what do you get for your investment?

The most effective way to achieve your business goals and create your dream life is to work one-on-one with Caitlyn. It’s no secret that she is one of the industry’s leading mentors and coaches – she creates absolute magic with her clients, and that is demonstrated by her client’s incredible achievements.

Cait has built a twelve-month online coaching program covering absolutely everything you need to do/implement/know to be able to run a successful hair, beauty or barbering salon.

If a long-term coaching commitment isn’t for you, why don’t you invest in 5X one-on-one coaching sessions. These intensive sessions are normally $385 each, but she has packaged up the price to only $999-1499!

Caitlyn is an expert in her field, servicing the salon industry as a business coach, full time since 2017. She is an ex multiple-salon owner herself and has mentored salon and small business owners from Australia and all over the world.

What you’re investing in is experience, skills, learnings and tools from someone who’s done it all before when it comes to owning salons and coaching salon owners. In a nutshell – you’re investing in the future of your business – that’s incredible BANG for your bucks.

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Caitlyn, Phoebe – Beauty + Spa Specialist

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