HairBiz Magazine – Year 13 Issue 1

January 11, 2019 3:29 pm

So, here we are at the end of 2018, and what a massive year it was for so many people. Hear me out while I get a bit “spiritual gypsy” on you; but 2018 was a universal nine year, we have reached the end of a compete nine-year cycle of our lives. That, for a lot of people meant tying up loose ends, completing unfinished business, and certain relationships and behavioural patterns coming to an end because we were made to face our karmic debts, better known as dealing with the results of our past actions and decisions.

For some, it was downright rough, emotionally ‘confusing’ if you will (especially because mercury was in retrograde for-fucking-ever!) So as one door closes, another big, bright, exciting one opens, but if you refuse to release the past, you will be unable to adapt to the changes ahead, and achieve those “new year, new me” goals.

I’m nearly done with the numerology shit, I promise, but 2019 is a year one. Year ones are my all-time favourite because in they welcome a journey of change, new beginnings, independence, and best of all, becoming who you really are. In the new year, no matter how familiar things seem, you are on an entirely different pathway now. The first year of a brand-new nine-year cycle of your life will urge you to create a more satisfying existence, while welcoming growth and understanding the purpose of everything that’s happened in your past. Year one is super exciting.

So, how do we kick of year one? Every January I hear of people and potential coaching clients who have failed their “resolutions” a few days in, with excuses flying around like seagulls over hot chips. Do you wanna know why? Muddy, inconsistent, pointless and bullshit ‘resolutions’ instead of strong, clear visions, and goals with a purpose. So many of us believe rolling into a new year means the past gets eliminated and so we make all these ridiculous plans without creating any positive changes, then we punish ourselves and end up falling back into the same habits of the year, or years before.

Give yourself time to focus on what you really want, and no that doesn’t necessarily mean setting a fifteen-year goal and breaking it down into a month-by-month of precisely where you need to be and when. If you’re anything like me, I am a ‘right now’ person, to be completely honest, I am spontaneous AF and don’t even know what I will be doing next month, my goals and plans have been known to literally change in a minute. That’s okay for you to be the same, as long as you have something bigger and better that you’re striving for all the time (and FYI, most entrepreneurs are exactly like this, crazy and annoyingly impulsive)

So, you want a new car? To grow your team? To lose weight? Which new car? Why? How much is it? Are you loaning or paying cash? And to grow your team, by how many staff? WHY? Why do you need a bigger team? How much do you need per week to facilitate that? How are you going to get that increase in sales? Where do you even begin? It’s all well and good to sit here and say you want ABC, but WHY?

There has to be a reason and you have to be specific, which sounds more appealing, “I want more staff” or “I want to add three seniors to my salon, so that I can step back off the floor, have time with my family, go on an annual holiday, and grow my business from the sidelines. By adding three seniors I will generate an extra $10,000 per week and that will allow me to step down completely, finish my salon renos and get to Bali twice a year, I will also have a bigger budget for marketing and staff training, allowing more growth again”.

Wording, mindset and ‘why’. This is one of the first things I make my coaching clients get clear on when they start working with me. Growing by three staff? When you only have two staff now? Sounds out of reach, right? WRONG. Don’t let that ego rear its head and tell you that you can’t when you absolutely CAN.

Here’s a little food for thought, one of my favourite quotes of all time; if you aim for the moon, you likely won’t get off the surface of the earth, but if you aim for the stars, you will at least get to the moon. So, if you aim high you will achieve high, and if you don’t hit your goal, you’ll still be happy as Larry, but if you aim low, you’ll stay low. How do we start to strive for our goals? WRITE. THEM. DOWN. or create a visual board like I do, have your goals visually around you all the time, phone background, bathroom mirror, car dashboard, wherever you’ll see them all the time, and the other thing?

SHARE YOUR GOALS. Have someone (like an awesome business and life coach like me) or friend or family member, to keep you accountable and remind you of your ‘why’ and the goals you want to exceed.

Don’t let your ego overtake your vision. The best way to bash your ego down into the hole it tries to crawl out of, is choose purpose over passion. Passion runs hot and then burns out, while people with purpose (think of it as passion combined with reason) are more dedicated and have control over their direction, habits and choices.

I am going to leave you with this, size matters, lol, so go big, because no goal or dream is ever too big. Don’t get overwhelmed or let your bullshit ego tell you that it’s out of reach, you can do anything you set out to when you have clear vision, a positive support network, and an honest ‘why’.

Let’s make 2019 your bitch.

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