I am Cait, the founder of Caitlyn Menzel Coaching.

It’s always hard to get to know anyone online, but the best way to keep up with me is through my socials, otherwise keep reading!

I joined the industry when I was thirteen years old, qualifying as a hairstylist at seventeen, a make-up artist and a barber at eighteen and purchasing my first salon at nineteen. Since 2009 I have owned and operated multiple hair, beauty and barbering salons – I’ll give you a quick debrief!

Early in 2012, I purchased a second salon and what a dumb idea that was! 22-year-old me thought I was king dick and that I knew everything – I learned the hard way that I definitely did not! Ha! I bought a lemon of a salon from a woman married to an accountant. I did this against my accountant’s advice too. September 2012 arrives and it’s been six months since taking ownership, things were slowly starting to improve; I was almost cashflow positive and I had a small team and solid clientele… then what did I do? Went and got myself in a motorbike accident leaving me unable to work for months. It was HELL!

There are so many things I can tell you of what NOT to do – and there were a lot of lessons in this one! I sold for a small profit but over all it was an #EPICFAIL! So, with broken bones and shattered confidence, I made the decision to sell up and go back to working in my first salon which was then… ‘Raw Edge Hairdressing.’

Four-ish years of back breaking work, a rebrand, deleting beauty and streamlining our menu, lots of personal development and coaching, I had the busiest salon in Belmont by a country mile, with 21 employees to boot. The salon now known as ‘Huntress Hair Religion’ had relocated into a new street front location four times the size, we had a two-month waiting list, and we had won numerous business and hairdressing industry awards.

Somewhere in the middle there I went 50/50 in a hair and beauty salon in country Victoria, becoming business partners with my then boyfriend’s sister… another silly mistake! My ownership in this business lasted a little over a year, and I gracefully stepped away and sold my shares when the relationship ended. Employing Beauty Therapists was a whole different world, I LOVED it. Having a combo business was also an awesome experience. But mostly, being in a partnership with someone also opened my eyes to so many things that I wasn’t used to; sharing decisions, having someone to bounce off and also halving my workload *insert happy sigh here* …so much fun!

Fast forward to 1st June 2018, the day I opened my cool little barbershop ‘Hunter Barbershop’ and it’s been one of my favourite projects to date. I had a talented team of six barbers who serviced my salon’s clients, as well as an off-the-floor Manager, and I did not ever work on the floor at Hunter. (In fact, I lived two states away in sunny Queensland for its final months)

In 2019, I sold my beloved first born Huntress for a record-breaking $592,000AUD, to an incredible woman who is continuing to expand and grow everything I built for her. I owned Huntress for nine years and nine months, going from 70+ hours a week as a teenager and for the seven years following, to no hours on the tools for the final three years that I owned it.

In 2021 the keys of Hunter Barbershop were handed over to its new owner, as I decided it was time to sell up and focus fully on my coaching clients. For the first time in 11.5 years, I could no longer call myself a salon owner, but the lessons and wealth of experience is something I will always hold dear.

From the beginning to the end, it was an epic tale of growing from a naïve teenager who let people walk all over me, to becoming a successful salon owner and happy, proud businesswoman I am today. It was during my 27th year of life that I fell out of love with being a colourist and fell in love with being a boss, a mentor to my team and other salon owners, and educating and coaching people. What I learnt, is that I couldn’t wear all the hats, so I hung up the scissors and moved into my office.

I have never looked back, and I am grateful every single day for the career and the life I have created… Working with entrepreneurial salon owners from all edges of the world is the BEST. JOB. EVER! Building the relationships that I do with our coaching clients and guiding, loving, empowering and supporting them through their journey is literally what I call living the dream!

Over my career I have been lucky enough to travel Australia and the world, not only with hairdressing working fashion weeks, platform work and shoots, but also speaking and presenting at business seminars and hair and beauty events, sharing everything I know. I’ve also personally earned a number of hairdressing industry and business awards, at a local, state and national level, and I have trained and grown a number of my own employees; hairdressers, makeup artists and barbers to this level as well.

I am so passionate about the world we work in, and my aim is to teach salon owners to be the best they can be; completely fulfilled and balanced in all aspects of their lives (while profiting –alot!) I know that when people push through their fear and overcome their past, people can literally do whatever the fuck they want – I am living, breathing, walking, talking proof of that.

Everything I coach and teach, is straight from the horse’s mouth from my own personal experience and the learnings of my clients as well. I’ve been there, done that, experienced the worst of everything. I’ve (literally) had my entire staff walk out, I’ve had weeks of not paying myself, a business that almost went belly-up, and there’s been times where I’ve wanted to burn down the salon and never go back. I’ve also had 27 employees at one time, profited a generous six figures whilst travelling the world for months at a time, and relocated and expanded, bought and sold, many, many times over.

I have met and worked with all kinds of salon owners from Australia (my mothership) and internationally as well, and believe me, I have heard it all, seen it all and helped them overcome it all. It’s never too late or too early, and there is literally nothing that you cannot do. I got you!

To work with me, book a ‘Discovery Session’ here.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Caitlyn XX


  • Previous Barbershop Owner, sold 2021
  • Previous 3X Salon Owner, sold 2019, 2014, 2012
  • Certified NLP Master
  • Keynote Speaker at ‘HAIR FESTIVAL 2022’
  • Judge for ‘Australian Modern Barber Awards’ 2022
  • Judge for ‘Australian Hairdressing Industry Awards’ 2019, 2020, 2021 + 2022
  • Judge for ‘Woman In Front Awards’ 2022
  • Presenter at ‘Woman In Front’ 2021, 2021, 2022, 2023
  • Keynote Speaker at SalonGrowthCon 2019
  • 2018 GBEA Young Entrepreneur of the Year WINNER
  • 2018 GSBA Entrepreneur of the Year WINNER
  • 2018 Geelong Chamber of Commerce HALL OF FAME Inductee
  • Cert IV Qualified Hairdresser
  • Hair Team at Fashion Week New York, Sydney + Melbourne
  • 2X HBIA Australian Hairdressing Championships WINNER
  • 2X IHS Hairdressing Competitions WINNER
  • 6X Victorian Regional Hairdressing Competitions WINNER
  • 2X Gordon TAFE Hairdressing Apprentice of the Year


I am one of Cait’s biggest fans and lucky enough to be working with this amazing human being every day.

I am Pheebs and I have been in the beauty world for over 20 years and have been a very proud business owner for more than half that. I have a very special interest in helping salon owners (especially the beauty salon, spa and clinic owners, and those of you incredible solo operators in the hair and beauty industry) develop their businesses.

My love of helping other business owners in the beauty and aesthetic industry developed back in 2007 when I purchased a struggling Beauty Salon in Sydney. I turned my business around and grew it from being a sole trader, to working with a large team of dedicated and talented beauty therapists who helped me to transform this run down salon to a bustling, thriving sanctuary for our clients.

Our popularity grew even further when we went on to receive local business awards for two consecutive years which recognised our enviable reputation for service, the quality of the set up and the level of profitability that we had achieved.

I decided to sell my business in exchange for a sea change and made my way up to the sunshine state with my mini. Since making the move, I have managed a multiple-location salon, and I have subcontracted as well, specialising in HIFU, skin and all things beauty, with a high focus on the client experience.

Living here and being in this industry, led to the good fortune of joining Caitlyn’s coaching business in 2020. We share much in common including our commitment to the development of empowering Salon Owners to reach great levels of success.

While ‘beauty’ is my formal area of expertise, working in large businesses, owning a salon, being a sole trader and subcontracting, as well as a history of management, means I have a broad range of experience, and I have come to coach and mentor many different businesses in the hair and beauty industry.

I am based is in the Sunshine Coast like Cait, but work with salon owners, clinic owners, and sole traders from all over the country and beyond, and my incredible clients are thriving.

If I sound like I am the right fit for you and your business, I would really like to meet you. Our journey starts by booking a ‘Discovery Session’ with Cait here, or sending us an email:

X Coach Pheebs


  • Previous Boutique Beauty Salon Owner, sold 2018
  • Previous Private Beauty Clinic Owner (Sub-contractor), sold 2021
  • 2016 + 2017 Sydney Local Business Awards – Beauty WINNER
  • 2014 – 2016 Elle Wilson – True Brow Salon
  • 2000 Graduated Ella Bache College
  • Diploma Qualified Beauty Therapist
  • Women’s Advocate
  • Volunteered with ‘Share the Dignity’ Charity