I am Caitlyn, the founder of Caitlyn Menzel Coaching.

It’s always hard to get to know anyone online, but the best way to keep up with me is through my socials (links up the top) otherwise, read on.

I joined the industry when I was thirteen years old, qualifying as a hairstylist at seventeen, a make-up artist at eighteen and purchasing my first salon at nineteen. Since 2009 I have owned and operated numerous hair and beauty salons, and while I still own two incredible salons; Huntress Hair Religion and Hunter Barber Shop, I am not on the floor of either. Three years ago, my goals and interests changed from being a full-time hairstylist and manager of my salon, to working with incredible salon owners, so I made a fast transition into full-time mentoring and coaching, and I have
never looked back.

Helping salon owners stop working a thousand hours a week, teaching stylists, barbers and therapists to understand every aspect of their business, and grow their sales turning them from debt to profit, as well as watching deflated entrepreneurs become strong, empowered boss’s is my passion.

Over my career I have been lucky enough to travel Australia and the world, not only with hairdressing working fashion weeks and shoots, but also speaking and presenting at general business seminars and hair and beauty industry events, sharing everything I know. I’ve also personally earned a number of hairdressing industry and business awards, at a local, state and national level, and I have trained and grown a number of my own employees; hairdressers, makeup artists and barbers to this level as well.

Coaching, mentoring and education really was a natural progression for me in my career, and I am so passionate about the salon industry, so this is the space I am dedicated to.

When I created CM Coaching, I wanted to shake the industry and do something completely different. My goal was to bring a young, fresh energy to business ownership and work one-to-one with salon owners to not only achieve but exceed their goals.

I want to be a part of the change in our industry, to change the stereotypes and stigmas that still plague our trade, and empower salon owners to not only believe, but to actually do and achieve whatever the fuck they want.

You’re probably wondering how I got my businesses to where they are, and how I got to where I am, well, I’ve been there, done that, experienced the worst of everything. I’ve (literally) had my entire staff walk out, I’ve had weeks of not paying myself and there’s been times where I’ve wanted to burn down the salon and never go back. I’ve also been employed, I’ve sub-contracted, I’ve owned all types of salons and I currently employ sixteen incredible humans.

But while I’ve been through all of that, my past doesn’t define me at all, it’s made me a strong woman and has shaped who I am today. I’ve also never been too proud to stand up and say “I fucked up”, or reach out for help, and I sure as shit am not scared to give anything a crack or make the changes I need to make to dig myself out of whatever hole I put myself into.

Whatever you need, whatever you’re going through, I GOT YOU! I don’t just talk-the-talk, I walk-the-walk!

So, a little more about Caitlyn Menzel Coaching… my coaching circle will always stay small and boutique, like my salons’, because I like to be able to give 100% of my focus and energy to every client. Every individual person and each salon are completely different, and therefore we need to create an individual vision and pathway that works for you, and we do that by working together.

Your journey with me starts with a Discovery Session, where we discuss in detail your wants, needs, visions and goals versus your current situation, how you and I mesh as a team, and how I can help you to accomplish everything you want to.

I have met and work with salon owners from all walks of life, in completely different situations and from all over Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA, believe me, I have heard it all. It’s never too late or too early, and there is literally nothing that you cannot do.

To work with me, inquire via the Contact page. I can’t wait to work with you!

Caitlyn XX